US President Donald Trump has threatened to destroy the Turkish economy altogether in the event of any action he deems “beyond the borders”, after the withdrawal of US occupation forces from northern Syria.

Trump wrote on his “Twitter” account on Monday, “As I have stated strongly before, and just to reiterate, if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (I’ve done before!).”

In one of his multiple tweets on Monday, Trump said that Turkey must “watch over” some 12,000 captured Islamic State fighters and tens of thousands of their family members living in jails and camps in Kurdish-held territory.

Trump’s latest statements cast U.S. policy in Syria into further confusion. Spokesmen at the White House and State Department haven’t elaborated on the Sunday statement or Trump’s subsequent tweets. Officials at the Pentagon and State Department told reporters that the U.S. still hopes that Erdogan won’t attack the Kurds even now that Trump has made clear that American forces wouldn’t interfere with an invasion that Erdogan has long sought to carry out.