The UN’s Special envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, said on Tuesday that Yemen was divided after the Southern Transitional Council forces took control of Aden.

Martin Griffiths told the UN Security Council that there is “no time to lose” in brokering a peace deal to bring the fighting to a close

The move came during his briefing to the UN Security Council on latest development in Aden.

Griffiths expressed the UN’s rejection of the Southern Transitional Council’s actions in controlling of military camps and the exiled Hadi government institutions in Aden province.

The UN envoy said developments in Aden and Abyan show the difficulty of achieving peace, stressing that the situation in Aden affects the social fabric and “paralyses the work of state institutions.”

Martin added that it is unacceptable that the situation in Aden remains the same, calling for more efforts to contain the situation in Aden.

He warned that the Yemen faced the prospect of breaking apart unless an agreement ending the decades-long conflict is found urgently. – YP