Iran has begun withdrawing its fighters from areas in northern and northeastern Syria for more than two weeks, Kuwait’s Al-Jarida reported yesterday.

According to the paper, the Iranians have also evacuated a number of important sites in various parts of Syria, especially the T-4 airbase which was fully handed over to the Russian army to install the S-300 air defence systems.

The newspaper pointed out that Moscow demanded that Tehran and forces loyal to it remain at a distance from the S-300 installation sites in order not to give the Americans and Israelis an excuse to strike them.

The paper has also reported that Tehran was surprised last week with Russia’s decision to stop delivering any weapons to its supporters in Syria, demanding that they pay for the arms in cash.

In a related context, NBC reported that the US administration of President Donald Trump is in the process of adopting a new strategy in Syria that is especially designed to counter the Iranian influence.

The network cited informed sources as saying that national security adviser, John Bolton, is waiting for the Pentagon’s response to this strategy, which aims to redraw a new red line around the Syrian border and establish a security and military-controlled zone of influence stretching from the border with Turkey towards the Jordanian-Syrian-Iraqi border triangle at the Al-Tanf military base.

– Middle East Monitor