We condemn the attack and we standby with Iran to protect its sovereignity and its people.

The recent attack in that killed 29 people and wounded 90, at Ahvaz is an attack on the people of Iran.

Finger prints of external forces to launch this attack cannot be dismissed. While US with its allies in the Middle East have always been colluding to target Iran as the main challenger to the western Zionist agenda , it must not be denied that there are weak elements among the Muslims that are easily lured to work with the anti Islamic forces.

The terrorist attack is a sign of an attempt to intimidate and warn Iran, since the first attack last year.

It is clear that other Muslim nations are also exposed to be targets by the enemies of Islam by using dissenting forces from within.

All Muslim nations should reflect on the urgent need to rise up and unite. They must not allow themselves to be used by the imperialist and Zionist forces.

Iran is being targeted for being firm in its stand to resist against Israel and the US. The US has being used by the Zionist to escalate its pressure on Iran. All options to destabilize Iran are on the table including tapping movements that can be used to instigate and intimidate.

We call on all the Muslim nations not to remain silent. The attack is planned in a manner that Iran will be targeted as the main enemy.

We call on all Islamic movements of the world to analyze carefully incidences of terrorist attacks in light of a broader understanding of how intelligence agents of the enemies of Islam are conspiring to disunite Muslims.

The world is now facing a US- Zionist led hegemony to destroy any resistance that challenges their agenda.

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