BUKIT KAYU HITAM: Voters in Kedah are advised to be wary of a ghost known as ‘hantu raya’ expected to appear during election to trick voters into hating the government.

Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah said the ghost would tell all sorts of lies with intention to put a stop to development projects, initiated and planned by the Barisan Nasional (BN) government.

The state BN chairman said the people of Kedah should not be easily influenced by the lies, and should appreciate the acheivements which the country has made under BN government.

“With the 14th General Election (GE14) just around the corner, more ‘hantu raya’ will emerge to spread lies and false promises.

“Do not be influenced by these ‘hantu raya’ because their intention clearly is to disrupt the various development plans that have been made for the peoplet,” he told reporters after opening the Darul Qiyyam Complex here today.

The RM4.9 million complex, located about less than 2km from the Immigration, Customs, Quarantine Complex, has 60 shops.

Bashah said the experience that Kedah people had when the state was under Pas-led government for a term should be enough lesson for voters in the state.

The Kedah Umno chairman said the success of a development project depends on a government that receive strong support from the people.

“If the people refuse to accept the development initiated by the BN and Umno government, then the plan will not materialise and this will put a burden on people who badly needed it.

“BN and Umno government will always put the people’s welfare first and need to move simultaneously with the development to ensure that the country moves forward and becomes a better nation,” he said.