Israeli occupation forces on Sunday launched a massive campaign of arrests in the city of Jerusalem and West Bank on Sunday, Palestinian media reported.

According to the Palestinian media, the occupation forces, accompanied stormed the town of Issawiya and deployed in its neighborhoods,

A groups of the Israeli forces stationed at the entrances, then raided several houses and launched a campaign of arrests and handed over summonses to boys and youths from the town.

The source reported that violent confrontations broke out in the neighborhoods of the town of Issawiya and continued from midnight to dawn on Sunday in retaliation for the town’s Daily incursions, which aim to quell its population.

Israeli occupation forces arrested seven citizens in several cities of the West Bank, and they claimed to find weapons in the area of al-Yamamoun, west of Jenin.

Dozens of settlers attacked on Saturday night Palestinian vehicles passing by on the Jenin-Nablus road and thy carried out hostile acts against Palestinians citizens near the Makhmash settlement and directing insults words to the bystanders under the protection of the occupation army.