KUALA LUMPUR: Human Resources Ministry has identified 13 out of 88 hotels in Peninsular Malaysia which disallowed its female staff from wearing hijab (headscarf) while on duty.

Based on checks conducted between December 2017 until Jan 26, the ban involved departments such as Food and Beverages (F&B) and the frontliners.

Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Richard Riot said the Manpower Department has advised the said hotels to rectify the matter and lift the ban.

“The ministry is taking this issue seriously and will continue to monitor a few other premises in this industry,” he said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the minister said the proposed amendment to the Employment Act 1955 following the headscarf ban in the hotel sector, was expected to be tabled at the upcoming Parliament sitting.

“The ministry is currently continuing discussion with the stakeholders to refine the amendments.

“The ministry also held discussion with the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) on Jan 17. As a result, MAH said it is commitment to urge members to do away with the ruling against headscarf.

“MAH is also working with its members to include headscarf as part of the uniform,” he added.

Richard said that his ministry was also scheduled to meet with the Malaysian International Trade Union Connection Council (UNI-MLC) tomorrow to clarify and resolve the headscarf ban issue.

UNI-MLC issued a statement on Nov 6 following numerous complaints lodged by female hotel employees about the ban of hijab at their workplace.