The Syrian Army’s 3rd Armored Division fell just short of first place, as the Russian military took the competition in impressive fashion.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the Syrian tank crew recorded a time of 27 minutes and three seconds, adding that the crew which is participating for the first time in the competitions might be considered the greatest crew in combat experience among the crews participating in the Games.

In tanks painted in different colors the crews take part in events that test the crews’ driving skills and shooting accuracy.

This year, 23 teams from countries including India, Azerbaijan, Russia, Zimbabwe, Syria, China are taking part. Each team consists of 21 soldiers divided into 4 crews. The first stage winners will qualify to the second stage.

Tank crews of Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Syria, Belarus, Serbia, and Russia competed on the Tank Biathlon’s second day.

– Islam Times