Resident in Juban district of Dhalea province, southern Yemen have staged a mass protests against the coalition’s crimes and refusing all forms to normalize with the Zionist entity.

They confirmed their affirmation to uphold the Palestinian cause under the slogan “No to Normalization.”

The Deputy of Ministry of Endowments and Guidance, Sheikh Saleh Ali al-Khawlani, said that the sons of the district rejecting all those shameless steps taken by the coalition-backed government to normalize with the Zionist entity and abandon our central cause of the Palestinian issue.

“The Sons of al-Dhalea are ready to support the fronts with money and men to liberate every occupied inch of the homeland,” Sheikh Abdul Latif said in a speech on behalf of the province’s sons.

Residents condemned the continued breaches of the Sweden agreement, by the Saudi-led coalition forces and its militants.

They also stressed to continue to supporting t fronts with men and money until victory is achieved.”

Protesters further called on all the freemen to continue to confront the Saudi-led alliance and its militants. ”