White House Senior Adviser Jared Kushner stated during an interview Sunday with Axios on HBO that Palestinians deserve ‘self-determination’, while doubting whether they actually have the ability to govern themselves.

“I do think they should have self-determination. I’m going to leave the details until we come out with the actual plan,” Kushner told Axios, while refusing to comment on the potential of a separate Palestinian state.

When asked whether Palestinians were capable of governing themselves, Kushner told Axios: “That’s one that we’ll have to see. The hope is that they, over time, will become capable of governing”.

According to Kushner, the Palestinians “need to have a fair judicial system … freedom of press, freedom of expression, tolerance for all religions” before the Palestinian areas can become “investable”.

Kushner, who is the son in-law to U.S. President Donald Trump, is considered one of the masterminds of Washington’s new Middle East plan that has been dubbed the “Deal of the Century”.

Despite Trump’s claims that this so-called “peace deal” will bring many benefits to Palestinians, the primary political groups in Ramallah and Gaza have already rejected his terms.

This peace deal is expected to be rolled out by the Trump administration sometime this Summer, with some claims suggesting as early as June.