Hamas has called on the Arab League to sue Israel for killing unarmed Palestinians near the Gaza strip border.

The call was made on Monday in a phone conversation between Hamas’ political leader Ismail Haniya and Arab League’s Secretary-General Ahmed Abul-Gheit.

The Arab League will hold an emergency meeting Tuesday on Israeli deadly attacks against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, league official said Monday.

Arab League

Palestinian ambassador, Diab al-Louh said his country submitted a memorandum to the Arab League to hold the meeting at the level of permanent representatives because of Israel’s deadly force against peaceful demonstrators during Land Day protests on Friday.

Saeed Abu Ali, assistant secretary-general for Palestine and the occupied Arab territories, said Saudi Arabia will chair the meeting.

The Arab League also demanded the international community fulfil its responsibility to stop Israeli violations and establish an inquiry commission on the attacks, which also injured nearly 1,500 people. 

Abul-Gheit decried the “Israeli crime against participants in the peaceful rally”.

Special investigation

Haniya underlined the need “to go to the UN General Assembly to discuss the [Israeli] crime and form a special investigation commission”, his office said in a statement.

The UN Security Council held a session on Saturday at the request of Kuwait to discuss the situation on Gaza border, but the Council failed to condemn Israel’s killing of Palestinian protesters.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators protested on Friday at the Gaza Strip’s 45km-long eastern border with Israel to demand their right to return to their ancestral homes in historical Palestine.

source – AlJazeera